Seo Marketing, Marketing By Search Engines

SEO marketing, or search engine optimization marketing, is a technique to market a website so the website appears high on a search engine’s list. A business with a website that needs more traffic would hire a SEO marketing company to achieve this goal. The SEO marketing company writes pages for the website using specific keywords in the description, title, and text so the site will pull up in searches. The optimal goal of SEO marketing would be for a site to appear in search engines within the top ten.

SEO marketing has made a place in our society because of the amount of people that search the internet for everything, especially businesses that they need or want to use. People turn to the internet instead of the yellow pages when looking for service work such as plumbers, carpet cleaning and everything in between. The internet is also where most search for items they want to purchase from printed T-shirts to coffee pots. Since most people are short on time they may only look at a couple of sites. It is believed 93% will only look at the websites that appears on the first page. SEO marketing is very important for a company’s website business to get the traffic it needs to excel.

This form of marketing is important especially for a new business or a type of business that many are unaware it exists. In the example of a coffee pot, say there is a small new business specializing in coffee pots. If the store has used SEO marketing, their website could show in a search in the top results. This means more people looking for items that they sell will visit their site and marketing probabilities would say their business would increase. It’s proven that the searches that pull up highest in several search engines have the most traffic, making SEO marketing a great tool.

Today there are numerous marketing firms that advertise their SEO marketing as getting a website in the top couple of searches on the most popular search engines. There are some SEO marketing firms that guarantee the top spot. About one third of people that search feel that if a business shows up under the first couple of searches their products or service is good and the business in one that can be trusted. SEO marketing also gives a company advertising 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In actuality SEO marketing can be more cost effective than traditional advertising that has limited time frames and a limited target group.